Fuel oil waste plastic recycling device

waste plastic recycling device for getting fuel oil1. Main parts and function:Heating system---two heating rooms and indirect heating.Cooling system---4 new design condensers to convert the oil gas into oil. Waste gas purifying system---its function is to remove the acids, bad smell and dust from the waste gas, so the gas will b

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waste plastic recycling device for getting fuel oil

1. Main parts and function:
  1. Heating system
---two heating rooms and indirect heating.
  1. Cooling system
---4 new design condensers to convert the oil gas into oil.
  1. Waste gas purifying system
---its function is to remove the acids, bad smell and dust from the waste gas, so the gas will be more clean and environmental friendly.
  1. Smoke purifying system
---its function is to remove the acids,bad smell and dust from the smoke, so the smoke into the air will be clean and no pollution.
  1. Carbon black discharging system
---we adopt the whole sealed automatic discharging system to ensure no carbon black flying out,so the whole process is no pollution at all.
2.Outstanding Features:
Waste Plastic Recycling Device for Getting Fuel Oil

1.You just need preheat at the first time when the machine start producing.And then the machine can produce lasting for 20days without stop.Because it can use the waste gas to heat the chamber,no need other energy.
2.The most capacity can reach 30T/D,much bigger than other kind of plant.It is fully-automatic and fully-continuous.
3.New design of vertical condensers.you can get high oil yield,good oil quality,high profit.                                                      
4.The carbon black and steel discharging is easier.The carbon black and big size steel can discharge when the chamber is hot needn't cooling down.Very save energy.
5.Low requirement on the raw materials,no need tiny granule,10cm pieces acceptable for smooth running

3.Technical parameters:
NO.ITEMTechnical Parameter
1Suitable Raw Materials<=5cmSmall pieces of Waste tyre,rubber,waste plastic<=10cm
2Operating ModeFully Continuous Opreation
3StructureHorizontal Type
4Loading and dischargingFully automatic feeding and discharging under high temperature at same time
6Work PressureSlightly Negative Pressure
7Oil Yield of tyres40%-45%
8Reactor Rotation Speed1R/M
10Cooling MethodCycle water
11Type of DriveSprocket Wheel
12Heating MethodHot Air
14Main Reactor Weight(Mt)25Mt
15Total Weight(Mt)30-40Mt
16Installation Space Required48m*20m
4.Package and transportation:a.By Sea
b.Delivered by 4-5HQ
c.About 50 days after the first deposit
d.Use the exported package standard to avoid any damage in transportation.
 Waste Plastic Recycling Device for Getting Fuel Oil
5. Advantages:
  1. Security:
a: Adopting automatic submerged-arc welding technology
b: All of the welding will be detected by the ultrasonic nondestructive testing method to ensure the welding quality and the welding shape.
c: Adopting manufacture process controlling system on the quality, every manufacture process, manufacture date, etc.
d: Equipped with anti-explosion device, safety valves, emergency valves, pressure and temperature meters, as well as the alarming system.
  1. Environmental-friendly:
a: Emission Standard: Adopting special gas scrubbers to remove acid gas and dust from smoke
b: Smell during operation: Fully enclosed during the operation
c: Water pollution: No pollution at all.
d: Solid pollution: the solid after pyrolysis is the crude carbon black and steel wires which can be deep-processed or sold directly with its value.

6. The output percentage and usage (tyre for example)
End   productPercentage  Usage
Fuel oil40%-45%1. Used as fuel in Industrial such as steel&iron factories, chemical industrial or hotels and restaurants.
2. For heavy oil generators to get electricity.
3. For distillation to non-standard diesel oil
Crude carbon black30-35%1. Used for construction bricks;
2. Deep-processed to N330, N660, N774 or color carbon black.
Steel wire12-15%sold ot reprocessing 
Sync gas3-5%Used for heating the reactor
 Waste Plastic Recycling Device for Getting Fuel Oil

7. After-sales service:
1.Quality warranty period: One year warranty for the reactor of the pyrolysis machines,and lifetime maintenance for complete set of machines. pay the double air tickets, accommodation and food.
2.According to the requirement of the buyer, our company sends engineers for installation and commissioning in buyer's site including the training of skills of buyer's workers on operation, maintenance, etc.
3.Supply layout according to buyer's workshop and land, civil works information, operation manuals, etc. to the buyer.
4. For the damage caused by the users, our company provides the parts and accessories with cost price.
5. Our factory supplies the wearing parts with the cost price to clients.
Company introduction:
Shangqiu jinpeng Industrial Co.LTD, was founded in 1985, as the first domestic professional institute in the recycling and utilization of solid wastes (waste plastics, waste rubber, tyre), is a technology innovative demonstration enterprise involving scientific research, developing manufacture and sales amount about 300 sets, total sales revenue about 180 million RMB per year, including 16 million USD export oriented.
Waste Plastic Recycling Device for Getting Fuel Oil 
We have been exported to USA,Saudi Arabia,New Zealand,Australia,Poland,Malaysia,
India,Pakistan,Thailand,Vietnam, Indonesia,South Africa,Korea, Bangladesh,Mongolia etc.
8.Contact Info:
Waste Plastic Recycling Device for Getting Fuel Oil


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