Waste plastic energy oil cracker

Waste Plastic to Energy Oil Machine1.Specification NO.ITEMPROJECT1Equipment ModelXY-82Door ModelFull Open Door3Suitable Raw MaterialsRubber/Plastic Products4StructureHorizontal Type Revolves5Reactor SizeΦ2200*6000mm  Φ2500*6600mm6Capacity for One Batch5-6Mt; 8-10Mt7Oil Yield of Tires40%-45%8Work PressureNormal

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Waste Plastic to Energy Oil Machine

1Equipment ModelXY-8
2Door ModelFull Open Door
3Suitable Raw MaterialsRubber/Plastic Products
4StructureHorizontal Type Revolves
5Reactor SizeΦ2200*6000mm  Φ2500*6600mm
6Capacity for One Batch5-6Mt; 8-10Mt
7Oil Yield of Tires40%-45%
8Work PressureNormal Pressure
9Reactor Rotation Speed0.4R/M
10Fuels ChoiceCoal, Wood
12Cooling MethodWater Cycling
13Type of DriveExternal Annular Gear
14Heating MethodDirect
15Type of InstallationWith Foundation
16Noise dB(A)<=85
17Operation ModeIntermittent Operation
18Total Weight(MT)25-40
19Installation Space Required30m*10m
21  ShipmentФ2200×6000=1*40HC+1*40FR
Waste Plastic to Energy Oil Pyrolysis Machine
Waste Plastic to Energy Oil Pyrolysis Machine
Waste Plastic to Energy Oil Pyrolysis Machine
Waste Plastic to Energy Oil Pyrolysis Machine
Waste Plastic to Energy Oil Pyrolysis Machine

2. Suitable Raw material 

It can be waste tires, rubbers, plastics, paper mixtures, cable skin, life garbage,soles, PE, PVC, ABS and so on.
 Waste Plastic to Energy Oil Pyrolysis Machine

3.End products
Waste Plastic to Energy Oil Pyrolysis Machine
Fuel Oil40-45%1. Used as fuel in Industrial such as steel&iron factories, chemical 
industrial or hotels and restaurants.
2. used for heavy oil generators to get electricity
3. used for distillation.
Crude Carbon BlackAbout 35%1. used for construction bricks or make into briquette;
2. deep-processed to N330, N660, N774 or color carbon black.
Steel12-15%Sold or reprocessing
Sync GasAbout 5%1. recycled and used during process as fuel.
2. compressed into liquid gas, used as fuel or to generate electricity
4. Outstanding Features of XY-8 Pyrolysis plant

1).Full open door design:Speedy loading in and steel pulling out;Easily coolingdown after one batch finished, saving time; No leaking with special high temperature flexible graphite packing.

2). Unique Craft Condensers: High condensing efficiency with more oil output. Good quality oil, longer  lifetime, and easy to clean.

3).National Patent Unique Smoke Scrubbers:More efficient removal of the acid gas and dust of the smoke by neutralization, purification and absorption, environmental friendly without pollution.

4)National Patent Carbon Black Discharging System:Speedy fully enclosed Auto-discharging under high temperature, avoiding carbon black pollution, saving time.

5). Automatic Submerged welding technology, ultrasonic nondestructive testing, both manual and the automatic safety devices.

6)Sync Gas Recycling System:Fully burned after recycling ,utilization,saving fuel and preventing pollution.

7)Direct Heating System:Enlarging heating square to lengthen the lifespan of the reactor and easy to control the temperature.

8)National Patent,unique heat insulation shell;high efficiency temperature keeping, excellent energy-saving effect.

5.Feasibility Analysis
1Daily capacity10Tons
2Raw Materials Waste tyres
3Cost of tyres10T*1500¥/MT=15000¥
4Cost of Catalyst10MT*0.3%*5000¥/MT=150¥
5Labor (Daily)4P*150¥/D/P=600¥
6Electricity & Water200¥
7Fuel Cost0.45MT*1200¥/MT=540¥
9Total Cost16,590.00¥
10Oil Income10MT*40%*4300¥/MT=17,200.00¥
11Steel Income10MT*13%*1400¥/MT=1,820.00¥
12Carbon Income10MT*35%*300¥/MT=1,050.00¥
13Gross Income20,070.00¥
14Daily Net Income 20,070.00¥?16,590.00¥=3,480.00¥
15Monthly Net Income3,480/Day*25D=87,000.00¥
16Yearly Net Income87,000.00¥/M*11M=957,000.00¥

6.Our service

1. Quality warranty period: One year warranty for the main reactor of pyrolysis machines.

2. Installation: According to the requirement of the buyer, our company sends engineers for installation and commissioning in buyer's site including the training of skills of buyer's workers on operation, maintenance, etc.

3. Supply layout according to buyer's workshop and land, civil works information, operation manuals, etc. to the buyer.

4. For the damage caused by the users, our company provides the parts and accessories with cost price

5. Our factory supplies the wearing parts with the cost price to clients.

7.Our Company 
Shangqiu Jinpeng Industrial Co., Ltd, which was founded in 1985, is the first professional institute in recycling and utilization of solid wastes (waste rubber, waste plastics, waste tyres, etc.) in China, It is also a technology innovative demonstration enterprise involving scientific research, manufacture and sales together. Now the company covers an area of 113,220 square meter. And its annual sales amount are about 300 sets and total sales amount is 180 million RMB per year.


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