Waste plastic converter oil machine

                                         waste plastic to furnace oil machine1.Main Parts of Pyrolysis PlantReactorBurning RoomGas SeparatorCondensersOil TankCooling TowerSync Gas Recycling SystemWaste Gas BurnerSmoke Scrubbe

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                                         waste plastic to furnace oil machine

1.Main Parts of Pyrolysis PlantReactor
Burning Room
Gas Separator
Oil Tank
Cooling Tower
Sync Gas Recycling System
Waste Gas Burner
Smoke Scrubbers
Carbon Black Discharging System
Waste Plastic to Furnace Oil Machine

2.Outstanding Features of XY-8 Pyrolysis plant
1.Integrated design of reactor and base, no civil work needed to make the installation faster and easier.
2.Unique diversion tower for oil gas. This system can divide the oil gas into light density fuel oil, medium density fuel oil, heavy density fuel oil to meet different requirement of oil quality. 
3.Sync gas purification system is designed for developed countries which has very high environmental standard. It makes the full operation process under slightly negative pressure to ensure the safety of operation. And the system removes acid content of the sync gas to ensure the production is both clean and environmental friendly.  
4.National Patent Unique Smoke Scrubbers: More efficient removal of the acid gas and dust of the smoke through neutralization, purification and absorption, environmental friendly without pollution.
5.National Patent automatic Carbon Black Discharging System: Speedy fully enclosed Auto-discharging under high temperature, avoiding carbon black pollution and saving time.
6.Safety aspect:Production under Slightly negative pressure, automatic submerged welding technology, ultrasonic nondestructive testing, both manual and automatic safety devices.
Waste Plastic to Furnace Oil Machine 
3. Feasibility Analysis for your reference:
Note: A. This analysis is made with capacity of 10Mt tyres per day per batch.
     B. Please modify relative prices according to your actual market conditions.
2Raw MaterialsWaste tyres
3Cost of tyres10T*1500¥/MT=15000¥
4 Cost of Catalyst10MT*0.3%*5000¥/MT=150¥
5Labor (DAILY)4P*150¥/D/P=600¥
6Electricity & Water200¥
7FUEL COST0.45MT*1200¥/MT=540¥
9Total Cost16,590.00¥
10Oil Income10MT*40%*4300¥/MT=17,200.00¥
11Steel Income10MT*13%*1400¥/MT=1,820.00¥
12Carbon Income10MT*35%*300¥/MT=1,050.00¥
13Gross Income20,070.00¥
14Daily Net Income 20,070.00¥−16,590.00¥=3,480.00¥
15Monthly Net Income3,480/Day*25D=87,000.00¥
16Yearly Net Income87,000.00¥/M*11M=957,000.00¥
4. Operating time 
Process Time of 10 tons Pyrolysis Plant
Heating 9~10h
Cooling 3~4h
Steel Pulling Out20minutes
5. Raw Materials and Final Products and Its Usage.
Raw materials: Waste tyres, waste rubber and waste plastics, etc.
Final products: Steel wires, fuel oil, carbon black and sync gas... 
Waste Plastic to Furnace Oil Machine

The usage of the final products: 
Steel wires: 12%-15% from tyres, to be sold or reprocessed.
Fuel oil: Widely used in industries such as steel and iron factories, ceramics
              or chemical industries or hotels, restaurants etc. as fuel oil, or used
              for heavy oil generators to get electricity.
Carbon black: Crude carbon black can be used for construction bricks, or widely
                       used as industrial carbon black N774, N660, N330 or color carbon
                        after deep-process.
6. Packaging and Shipping
Packaging details1*40FR and 1*40HQ for 10 tons
2*40 HQ for 5 tons
Weight: about 30tons
All goods are packed with export standard package to make sure no damage during transportation.
Detail detailsabout 30 days after receiving deposit.
7. After-sales Services:
a. We have professional service staff who are responsible for your plants besides
    our sales managers and technicians.
b. Engineers available to go overseas for plant installation.
c. Quality warranty period: one year for the main reactor of pyrolysis machines and
    lifetime maintenance for completing machines.
8. About Our Company 
Shangqiu Jinpeng Industrial Co., Ltd, which was founded in 1985, is the first professional institute in recycling and utilization of solid wastes (waste rubber, waste plastics, waste tyres, etc.) in China, It is also a technology innovative demonstration enterprise involving scientific research, manufacture and sales together. Now the company covers an area of 113,220 square meter. And its annual sales amount are about 300 sets and total sales amount is 180 million RMB per year.
Waste Plastic to Furnace Oil Machine 
9.Contact Info:
Waste Plastic to Furnace Oil Machine


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